Frequently Asked Questions:

What are your hours and where are you located?
Jay's Woods is located in Bennet, NE about 15 minutes outside of Lincoln, NE. Please refer to our map for further driving directions. We can be found in the wood shop Monday through Friday and often on Saturdays as well. Please be sure to call us before a visit so we can schedule a visit. (402) 782-8100. You are also welcome to email us at

How can I buy furniture from Jay's Woods?
Cash, check, and Pay Pal work for us. We do ask for a 50% deposit on all projects paid up front.

Can Jay's Woods collaborate with me to make my ideal piece of furniture?
But of course! We are thrilled to better understand who our furniture is for and what kind of environment it will exist in. The more information the better.

What are the costs involved in buying custom furniture from Jay's Woods?
50% deposit due at signing, and the rest due upon completion of the project.

Can I have a piece of furniture built out of any wood species I want?
Jay’s Woods takes pride in being able to build furniture out of a vast array of wood species. We’d be happy to advise you on the pros and cons of different woods.

Is the furniture guaranteed?
As a small business we try hard to make sure that every customer is a satisfied customer. Any complaints about the furniture you’ve purchased should be reported immediately so that we can help maintain our furniture and keep it’s lifetime as wonderful as possible.

How do I take care of my new furniture?
Treatment of new furniture varies depending on it’s finish. We recommend keeping most furniture looking great with beeswax. Please make sure to check with Jay’s Woods before treating the surface of your new furniture.

Help! I live in Massachusetts. Can Jay's Woods ship their furniture to me?
We’d love to ship to you!

I have a tree that I've just cut down. Do you want the wood?
We’d love to consider it. We are always on the lookout for a good specimen. We take our found trees to the Big Red Sawmill in Palmyra, NE.

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